Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Good News

The title is misleading, I actually have GREAT news! My erethyma nodosum has almost completely cleared up....on its own! Even though I had the perscription for the prednisone I was really struggling with the thought of having to take it again. So I decided that I was going to pray my guts out (I guess I technically did that already) and hope that Heavenly Father would have it clear up on its own. My faith wasn't lacking that he could make it go away, just that he would, if there is one thing I have learned from all this it's that you might as well accept the Lord's will in all things because there is really nothing else to do. Anyway, I decided not to take the steriods unless the pain got to be totally out of control, and low and behold it has cleared up on its own! Although the nodules don't look nearly as bad, to a regular person I still look like I have bruises all over my legs, but I don't have the pain or the inflammation and they nodules are slowly healing. This has been such a wonderful blessing and I am indeed grateful. I am still struggling a bit with arthritis, especially in my right ankle (the worse of the two legs) but for the most part everything has gone away and I am feeling much better. When the swelling finally went down in my legs I couldn't believe how skinny they were! Not that I am super skinny or anything it's just that they had been so swollen for a few weeks and I had forgotten what they normally looked like. I started going around showing all of my friends how skinny my legs were and then realized I must look like an idiot so quickly put a stop to that! Thanks for all your prayers, I know that it has helped!