Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Different Breed

I don't mean this in a negative way but surgeons are for sure a different breed. I think cutting all the time does something to them, they just can't get enough. I met with my surgeon on monday and he is absolutely fantastic, I am confident in his abilities and enjoy him as a person, but he is soooo cut happy! I think he could convince a normal healthy person to have their colon out if he set his mind to it. So that is my next tip, if you talk to a surgeon before having made the decision to have surgery, realize that they are coming from a surgeons point of view. They see you have a problem, they know how to remedy the problem, end of story. Don't base your decision solely on what your surgeon has to say, although they do have a lot of good insites and knowedge to share. Todd and I actually met our surgeon a few weeks after I got out of the hospital, we went to an Inflammatory Bowel Disease support group...and were the only ones that showed up! We were feeling very supported. Anyway, this surgeon was the one directing the group that night so we got one-on-one questions and answers with him, all for free! It was great because we were able to learn about the different surgeries (I had been really confused up until that point) and the pros and cons, all with open minds since surgery wasn't yet in the gameplan. Its just great how the Lord prepares and takes care of us, although he gives us hard trials he really makes it as easy on us as possible.

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