Saturday, February 16, 2008

Set Back

So I wrote this post several days ago but never got it published, now that I am publishing it I realize that I greatly abused the use of exclamation marks, sorry!

I know that alot of you think that I am some sort of super positive person but I think after this post your eyes will be opened to what a whiner I can be. So I am back in the hospital and feeling a little frustrated and discouraged. Sunday night I began to not feel good, the same indigestion/bloated feeling I had the last time I had a bowel obstruction. I immediately began to drink water, I knew that I had already drunk plenty that day, but I didn't know what else to do so I just started drinking. Well to make a long story short the beautiful labor pains came back and Monday afternoon I found myself again being admitted to Mercy. I was less than pleased. So this time we are blaming the pain on scar tissue. I guess scar tissue got on my small intestines and made them less flexible, causing a bowel obstruction. This is the very uneducated explaination because I really don't get it myself. So it has been 5 days and nothing is happening! I am still on pain medicine and just waiting things out, I feel like I am never going to get out of here. I was in and out so quick with my last bowel obstrucion I figured this would be the same way, well I thought wrong! The Dr. is having a PICC line put in today, although I read about PICC lines I really can't explain what it is except to say that it is the mother of IV's. With a PICC line they can give me TPN (liquid food) to buy me another week of waiting before having to do surgery. I love my life! So hopefully things will start working soon and I can get out of here, I just miss my baby so much! Anway, thats the update.


Debbi said...

I think you have all the rights in the world to use as many exclamation points as you want and sound negative if you want too. I am so sorry for all that you have been through, and we pray for you all every day. (gage reminds us if we forget!) Please know you can call us for anything you need, anytime! Anna is a doll, I would miss her too! You are super strong and amazing.

Andrea said...

oh sarah i am so sorry! i didn't realize you were back in the hosptial again until steve talked to todd the other day!!! i say complain all you want...i'd say you have earned the right to whine all you want! i know it must be hard being away from anna and todd! hang in there~ and hey not everyone can say they have experienced the joys of TPN!! yummy

Michelle said...

I didn´t know that there were computers in hospitals. Sounds like you are going through a pretty tough trial of life, huh? You´ve got your scriptures handy, right? There are lots of things that cause discouragement and frustration...I suppose the key it to find the blessings and the good points. Ya know it is a lot easier to give advice when the problem doesn´t effect you, it is a lot harder to take the advice when you are really aching. Hang in there...lil miss positive...I know its in there. Take care. If I can help in anyway, please let me know...and don´t be afraid to accept help.